For me, photography is a moving meditation. It is a constant practice of losing myself~not thinking, planning, desiring, or expecting any outcome…but simply letting go & experiencing what is happening around me. I develop an intuitive, panoramic sensitivity to my environment; I am fully immersed into the experience of seeing & opening up to my receptive consciousness of what the world offers me moment to moment. I don’t go out to shoot looking for anything in particular…instead I wander, meandering through streets or Mother Nature without a goal or purpose. I remain open to the possibility of the unexpected, that unique fleeting moment when things fall into place…the very essence of the flow of the Universe.  I don’t find the picture & take it…the photo finds me, allowing me to capture it. I unite with the scene not so I can manipulate a shot I want, but instead I perceive what the transitory scene offers me…the experience comes to me in a flash. There is no forcing a photo; I stay in constant motion not waiting or lingering too long in a certain spot. I am an unseen witness to the moment. I don’t interact with my subjects; they are unaware of me.  It is the art of capturing fleeting observations and seeking glimpses of life from the shadows.